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Our main goal is to provide care for the elderly and for them to know they can depend on us. Since most seniors are on medication and can't cook in the evening, they often go to bed hungry. Our organization is here to help. By providing nutritional meals for seniors, we get to see them with smiles on their faces. They know they can rely on us to provide hot food on a daily basis. To continue our work, we need donations and volunteers. Any kind of donation is accepted, and our ideal volunteers are those in college and high school, along with any youth that wants to help seniors.


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About Us

My Amazing Stars in Brooklyn, New York, provides meals for seniors. We started providing elderly assistance when we noticed that many senior centers offered meals at 1:00 p.m., and many of the seniors wouldn't get another hot meal until the next day. Seniors typically didn't like the food, and it didn't have any nutritional value either. It simply wasn't enough to carry them through the day.

We started making food with more substance for 60 seniors and fed them later in the day so they could go to bed with a full stomach. By talking to seniors, we know what types of meals they like and build out a calendar of meals for the month.

We have extensive experience providing our local community with more food options. For more information on our success in providing true African-American soul food to our community, read about our biographical experience in the restaurant business.

Alton Riddick

Senior Program Will Start on:
May 2, 2016

Mission Statement

My Amazing Stars is dedicated to providing cooked food to thousands of seniors. My Amazing Stars empower seniors to meet successfully their needs, achieve their desires, and enjoy the full range of life experiences with their community through our organization's food program.

Are You Eligible

• You may be eligible for home delivered meals if you are 60 years of age or older.

• Physically and/or mentally incapacitated and in need of some assistance.

• Unable to prepare nutritious meals or have no friends or family to do so for you.

• Able to live safely at home if services are provided to you.

• Even if you receive homecare or Medicaid, you are still eligible for meal service if the homecare worker cannot prepare a meal to fit your dietary or religious restrictions, or if he or she is designated to assist only with other task.

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